Ignite VC Fund

Investing in Infra-Tech (infrastructure + technology)

Why Infra-Tech? Infrastructure are assets supporting the core of every city and economy. Technology serving this large asset class will benefit from the stability and pent up demand of the sector.

Our Infra-Tech fund, Hatchstone Ignite VC, applies our infrastructure sector experience in identifying technology to disrupt a multi-trillion dollar industry. The fund invests in high growth highly scalable businesses, rather than capital intensive bricks and mortars of infrastructure. We believe in applying innovation to enhance delivery and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

The size of the global infrastructure market is significant and growing rapidly due to global demand. McKinsey estimates global demand for new infrastructure from 2015 to 2030 will be more than US$90 trillion, almost double the value of the world’s existing infrastructure assets.

However, technology continues to lag in the infrastructure sector, providing opportunity for digital transformation.

Our Investments

Hatchstone Ignite VC Fund invests in technologies with application in traditional and non-traditional infrastructure sectors. We’re especially interested in (but not limited to) block-chain, fin-tech, internet of things, drones, augmented/virtual reality, big data, cloud, SAAS, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and asset sharing.